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Who We Are

We are hunters & fisherman ourselves and come fully equipped to join almost any condition.

What We Provide

We capture candid action photos & video of you in your element.

What You Get

Post trip, you gain full ownership of quality content from the day's adventure.

How It Works

Request A Booking

Contact us with your trip info using the contact form button below.

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Meet on Location

Let us put you in the frame while you put your clients on the game!

Receive Your Content

Receive your photo and video content via either a thumb drive or cloud service.

How We Help You

Guides, we’ve got your back!

  • Below are some of the ways we help you excell at your craft.
  • Discretion of your trade secrets is of the utmost importance to us, always.
  • If you have specific needs that you'd like our help with, please let us know!
Service Promotion
Service Promotion

For Fishing and Hunting Guides, who want to promote themselves with higher quality content but do not have the necessary time to capture it.

Increased Quality
Increased Quality

Guides who may want to provide their clients with spur-of-the-moment photos in the heat of action - without having to compromise their own time working to accomplish it.

Your Bottom Line
Your Bottom Line

Nothing promotes repeat business better than a photograph reminder of your client's best day ever!

Your Content

  • All photography & video content is 100% your ownership.
  • Please view the details of all photography terms below.
  • While you will receive full ownership of your images and video, we greatly appreciate social media shout outs!
Your Content
Distribution Format

All quality content to be distributed from the session will be in digital form and sent to the guide for their own use.

Your Content
Guide Image Rights

Shots from the day may be used on our own social media as promotion for future business, however it will be done with the discretion of each guide individually. No content showing location, area landmarks, etc will EVER be posted without the guides approval first.

Your Content
Photo & Video Editing

We provide all images without editing except for some file formatting. We pride ourselves on getting the image right in the camera which adds to the overall end-quality of a day in the natural outdoors.

Booking Options

  • We have multiple booking options for you to select.
  • Please see our top three choices below.
  • If you have any questions about booking, please give us a shout!
Half Day
Half Day

4 Hours of time on location is our required minimum. This includes time from parking to your base. Let's have some fun!

$55/hr For additional time up to 8 hours.
Request a Half Day
Full Day
Full Day

8 Hours of time on location is our base time schedule for a full day. This includes time from parking to your base. Let's have a great day!

$40/hr For additional time up to 12 hours.
Request a Full Day
Multi-Day Trips

For excursions that cover multiple days, please contact us to discuss your adventure. Let's make it a memorable one!

Price Upon Request
Contract Assignments are Welcome.
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