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About Guide Photography

About Guide Photography

Guide Photography came about from a passion for the crafts of hunting and fishing. With over 10 years of experience in hunting and over 20 years experience in fishing, we've become quite attune with our relationship to nature. Along this time outdoors, the camera became an integral part of our outdoor experience. Understanding the challenges of trying to hunt/fish while also capturing quality photos is what lead to the creation of Guide Photography.

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Guide Photography

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Meet the Photographer

The Person Behind the Camera

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Michael Simonelli

As a person born and raised in Massachusetts, Michael became very familiar with varying seasons and the special wild game opportunities that come along with them. With such diversity in habitats and animals throughout the state, his passion for the outdoors grew quickly. Starting out in fishing at a very young age opened his eyes to the world of possibilities each season brought. From the edges of lakes and rivers, to the shores of Cape Cod beaches and bays, he grew his love for the great outdoors. Later on down the road, waterfowl hunting became a part of his passions and has been a drive for over a decade to continue to get outside, even in the harshest conditions, for that one opportunity at seeing a bird swing into the decoys.

Michael’s true passion for the outdoors lies in two aspects of the big picture; the animals and the people who share his passion for them. The wonder for the creatures he chases lead to the desire to capture them on camera, fully in action, doing what they do best. Years of practice in that lead to the desire to offer those skills to the people who share his same passions, in the deepest form; Fishing and Hunting Guides.

As the leader of Guide Photography, Michael’s goal is to get you where you want to go as an outdoor guide using quality social media content. Utilizing his skills in action photography, and as an outdoorsman, you can remain focused on your clients and the game while he focuses on capturing all of that in the frame. The result: plenty of current and future content to promote yourself and your business that YOU OWN.